Play free games now on Adult Chat Inc

September 3rd, 2012 by adultchatter

You can now play thousands of free games on Adult Chat Inc anytime from any internet connected device. It took some time to get the thing out of beta and live on the site and for that we have to tank our staff here at Adult Chat Inc that worked tirelessly to get the free games arcade to work properly here on our website. There are tons of different types of games you can from puzzle to action and even first person shooters along with countless card games and some adults only games. The arcade offers many different features once you login to many to list here but just to name a few you can star your favorite game and tally your scores and keep track of them along with others playing in or have played in the arcade as we feature a top 10 scores and other highlights of players feats.

As always be careful when gaming , take your time go slow and do so in moderation as we do not want any injuries to come from playing our games to long. If your having any problems of difficulty accessing any of our games please let us know so we can take a look at it right away and solve the problem. We are always looking for positive and negative feed back when it comes to new things we launch here so any and all is appreciated, thanks.

Official QR Code to scan for Adult Chat Inc

August 21st, 2012 by adultchatter

Here is the official QR code for Adult Chat Inc after much thought we decided to try it out and see just how many scans we get this from offering a QR Code for our very unique adult chat website. This should be a lot of fun to add to our advertisements and even to just this post as I have been fascinated with the new way of advertising for quite some time now.

We were thinking about making the thing look pretty by adding some colors it and possibly a image but have to say we like the minimalism feel and look of the code is it goes quite well with the website so we just keep it that way for now! We appreciate feedback if you cannot scan it or have a problem with the site loading from it please let us know, thanks!

Chaturbate tip cams live on Adult Chat Inc

August 21st, 2012 by adultchatter

For those not interested in our free cam 2 cam service we bring you Chaturbate tip cams service via our page on Adult Chat Inc. What makes Chaturbate cams so much better than other live sex cam services or free ones? Well the performers rely on tips for the users and do the show openly without having to charge to just see a nipples or crack instead some of these webcam models do live sex shows for adults to view and others preform much like strippers do at a strip club up on stage.

We were blown away with the quality of models and fast cam connection and the unbelievable things the performers did on cam we knew we had to start offering Chaturbate to our adult chat users so here you go, trust me when i say you will not be disappointed.

Free adult chatroulette cam to cam feature now on Adult Chat Inc

August 20th, 2012 by adultchatter

After many requests and searches for a great cam to cam program we now have it up and running and live for all our website visitors to use freely. With the success of chatroulette and the failure to allow adult content on it we decided to fill a much needed niche by offering adult chatroulette cams here so if you see a man wanking on our cam that is what you should see is it is meant for adults and adults only.

Like anything great it can also be abused and those that do will be permanently banned from using our free cam to cam service should you be caught abusing it by violating or terms or service to rules. We are not sure what browsers support the room but if your having trouble accessing the new chatrouleete cam to cam let us know what browser and system your on, thanks.

Free adult chat room upgrade on Adult Chat Inc

August 19th, 2012 by adultchatter

You may not have even noticed or maybe you have but our free adult chat room on Adult Chat Inc has been upgraded to feature many more new features for users such as emoticons and sounds capabilities some of the things you wont notice are the better moderator and administrator features that will allow us to better handle spammers and bad behavior in the chat room. The chat room now has the users country flag next there name and faster texting capabilities.

As always we ask that everyone be polite and read the rules and terms of service before participating in our free adult chat room and never take anything to serious as it is meant to be a place for adult to have good conversation in freely with respect for one another.